Roast Beef

by Wonder Years
4 years ago

Wonder Years Mummy Matters Recipe Roast Beef

Preparation time: 10-min

Ingredients from supermarket

  • A slab of beef flank
  • Salt
  • A teaspoon of olive oil


Step by step cooking method

  • Season the slab with a pinch of salt on each side
  • Heat the pan to a medium or high heat
  • Sear the slab on both sides for about 30 seconds
  • Place slab onto a tray and place into an electric oven for full 10-min (well-done)
  • The lesser time needed if you prefer the meat to be medium (pink, picture as below)


Wonder Years Mummy Matter Recipe Roasted beef

The roast beef can be served with a side of pasta, boiled or mashed potatoes

Contributed by Andy Oon, father of 3

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