Our Brand Story

Childhood used to be a golden period of rainbows and unicorns where we spent our time frolicking with friends without worry. There was lesser exam stress and the pressure to catch up was almost non-existent – compared to the current results-driven society that we live in today. More importantly, we were not distracted from cell phones and social media, and so our parents felt that bringing us up back in the good old days was a breeze.

At Wonder Years, we try our very best to redefine modern parenting and recapture the wonderful memories of our childhood in the good old days so that parents and their children can still interact well and build strong bonds despite the disruption of electronic gadgets. Beyond caring about their feelings and connecting with them wholeheartedly, it is also about taking the time to look at the world through your child’s eyes. By understanding your child’s perceptions and listening to what he/she has to share, this opens up the path to open communication and thus strengthens your bond with your children.

In essence, we advocate parents and their children to grow and learn together through this wonderfully adventurous journey.

The Wonder Years Parenting Portal offers a wide range of comprehensive parenting resources for the different categories of your children’s learning and development needs. We support parents through how-to articles, we share inspiring real-life stories about parenting, and we offer free recipes of signature dishes contributed by fellow mummies or daddies. Last but not least, we also include a special dedication column, ‘Mummy Matters’, where we provide self-care tips for all mummies (to remind you to take care of yourself too!) and some fabulous deals for the family.


At Wonder Years, we enrich the lives of families through lifelong learning and collaborations, effective communication and provide them with the essential ‘how-to’ knowledge and skills to improve the quality of life.


We produce quality and comprehensive content by collaborating with parents who care to share, and experts in various fields. Through trusting partnerships and collaborations, we create, build and distribute powerful content that educates, engages and inspires


At Wonder Years, we are all about:

1.   Lifelong Learning – We’re never afraid to acquire new knowledge

2.   Building and Connecting with the community

3.   Quality – We give our best in everything that we do

4.   Integrity – above all things

5.   Listening – Because we want to understand your needs, and we want to do it right.


Wonder Years – We care to share how to grow and learn with our children through modern parenting; we listen to their voices, we care about their feelings and we connect with them wholeheartedly