10 Awesome Reasons Why December Babies Are Truly Special!

by Wonder Years
4 years ago

december babies

Are you a mum who is expecting a December baby or have a little one who was born in December?

If so, you might want to thank your lucky stars as December is actually the rarest time for birthdays – and this is exactly what makes December babies special from the day they were born.

Sure, being born in December would probably mean that birthday celebration gets watered down by the Christmas season. On the upside, your child will grow up knowing that his/her special day falls at the time of the year where everything just seems more joyful and magical.

Another positive side? Science has confirmed that those born in December have something truly special going for them!

What Makes December Babies Special – According to Science 

1. They have a long life ahead! 

A study published in the Journal of Aging Research reported that people born in the year-end period, particularly in December, are more likely to live to 105 – or even longer. 

Based on a sizeable sample of centenarians, their siblings and spouses, the researchers found significant associations between the month of birth and longevity. Individuals born towards the year-end have higher life expectancy compared to those born earlier in the year.

So, while December babies may have their birthdays late in the year, they sure have a lot of them to look forward to in the years ahead.

2. December babies are better performers at school

Most parents have the misconception that being born later in the year puts their child at a disadvantage, as they had had less time to work on their skills compared to their peers. However, you’d be delighted to know that studies have shown a consistent pattern of younger students outperforming older peers. 

So, do give time for your little one to catch up and soon enough, he/she will be on par, if not ahead, of his/her peers. 

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3. Early risers, easy sleepers 

A study conducted by Italian and Spanish university students found that those born in December were highly likely to be morning people than those born mid-year. Another great perk of December babies is that they tend to fall asleep earlier too.

Now, that’s quite a relief for new parents – especially during those early months!

4. More likely to be left-handed 

A University of Vienna study shows that people, especially men, born in the November and December/early January period, are more likely to be left-handed. In fact, a study involving 13,000 adults, found that 7.5% of women and 8.8% of men were left-handed and that most of the left-handed men were born between 1 November and 1 January. 

december babies

5. Your future dentist? 

According to The Guardian, researchers in the UK found that December babies are most likely to grow up to become dentists. While this can be said to be some kind of coincidence, it may not hurt to start teaching your child about good oral health and to get him/her interested in the science behind those pearly whites. 

6. Gold medal super-achievers 

A study in the International Journal of Sports Medicine revealed that those born in the year-end, especially December, tend to have natural athletic capabilities. What’s more, there’s proof to this as a handful of Olympic gold medallists are December babies themselves!

Think, American gymnasts Mckayla Maroney and Gabby Douglas. 

7. December babies are happier and less irritable

It has been said that December babies are more prone to depression and pessimistic attitudes, but in general, they have fewer mood swings and temper tantrums. Now, maybe the Terrible Twos may not be so terrible after all! 

8. Their birthdays fall during the holiday season 

December is a time for the long school holidays, Christmas, graduations and year-end parties, which then make December babies feel that their birthdays are often overlooked. While some December babies have commented that their gifts are often wrapped in Christmas wrappings, this doesn’t bother them one bit – as it just makes their special day all the more festive!

Just a tip from a mum of a December baby: do keep their birthdays separate from Christmas and New Year celebrations! 

9. They are either Sagittarius of Capricorn 

Those born up to 21 December are Sagittarius while those born after 22 December are Capricorns. 

Sags are known for their extremely generous nature, and for being idealistic and downright hilarious – which makes for a great company to have in your life.

Capricorns however, are responsible, disciplined and extremely good at practising self-control. They’re a great balance for someone who is a total opposite and who lives life on the wild side. 

10. Jet-setters in the making? 

The best way to celebrate a December baby’s birthday is a holiday trip to his/her favourite destination! And your December baby is set to live up to this ideal, especially for Sagittarius who just love to travel and explore different cultures. 

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Do any of these traits describe your December baby? What are some other qualities that make your year-end baby special?