5 Ways Scrapbooking Preserved the Memories of My Children as They Grew

by Wonder Years
4 years ago

Wonder Years Mummy Matters

In this digital age, most if not all the pictures were taken are saved in online albums, displayed within social media platforms. Images taken but were not published are then archived in computer drives, online storage websites or external hard drives. Photos are rarely developed and slotted into albums anymore.

But some photos and memories are too special to only be kept in the world wide web or electronic devices. Print out these photos and re-tell your story through scrapbooking.

I’ve done scrapbooking over the years on a specific subject: My children.

Here’s how scrapbooking has allowed me to preserve memorable events in their lives

Documenting the Story

Our memories will alter itself either by forgetting some details or choosing to believe that something did or didn’t happen. Scrapbooking helps to document important details and keep the memories as true as it can be.

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Moments Frozen in Time

Have you heard of the phrase, “Take a picture, it’ll last longer”?

This sentence proves to be true.

We are so caught up in our daily lives and in just a blink, you see that suddenly things have changed; children grew, flowers withered, and furniture was worn. Capturing moments of my smiling or sleeping children, in some way froze time. I get to reminisce the time when they still have baby fats and how I wish to squeeze them!

Wonder Years Mummy Matters

Mementos as Embellishments

Carefully thought-through scrapbooking allows you to document more than just pictures and short paragraphs. They allow you to be creative and design the flow of your story.

Book stores provide ready-made embellishments that you can use in your masterpieces, but I chose to use mementos from their childhood to make the scrapbooks more meaningful.

I kept the hospital identification tag that my daughters wore around their ankles and included it in the scrapbook. I also used their pacifier chain (because keeping used pacifier would just be gross!) in one of the scrapbooks too.

Wonder Years Mummy Matters

Recording Milestones

Scrapbooking is a good way to record milestones: the children’s first month, first swimming experience, first holiday, first festive celebration, etc. Especially for me, I am most happy when I am actively involved in my children’s lives and recording most, if not all their firsts, means a lot.

Wonder Years Mummy Matters

Wonder Years Mummy Matter

A Walk down memory lane

Looking at old photos does not only allow us to see, but it also jogs the feelings we experienced during that moment. Memories of happiness, pride or gratefulness can sometimes be overwhelming and very nostalgic. That’s why when we look through old albums, we smile. Scrapbooking is my way of remembering events and favourite moments.


Article contributed by Tuty

Tuty is a newly stay-at-home mum with 2 daughters aged 8 years and 9 years. Aspires to guide her daughters to grow up into kind, inclusive and independent young women. She blogs and vlogs randomly at tutyfruitty.blogspot.com.

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