Foods To Eat To Conceive a Baby Girl

by Karen Chen
4 years ago

Does tiny pink frilly tutu make your heart melt and yearn to have a baby girl? If so, these are some tips for you. 

Choosing the gender of our baby is not one we can triumph over fate. The chances of 50-50 may however be skewed with some ways to naturally conceive a girl. 

While studies on gender selection diets aren’t scientifically backed, there is research proving beyond doubt that a baby’s gender is determined by the father. Various studies have suggested how specific food increases the chances to conceive a baby girl naturally

As researched by Maastricht University in The Netherlands, a mother’s diet of low sodium and potassium, and high calcium and magnesium food in combination with intercourse timing before ovulation can improve the probability of welcoming a bundle of pink. 

Foods to conceive a baby girl

The changes in the pH environment within is thought to affect the baby’s gender. Experts believe that an alkaline vaginal environment within will favour male sperm, while an acidic environment prefers the female sperm.

A woman’s food intake can change the pH levels in her alternating acidic and alkaline reproductive tract. Manipulate the chemistry of your body by including calcium and magnesium-rich foods in your diet. 

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Calcium food choices

  • Milk: One of the cheapest and best sources of calcium. Milk is also filled with other essential nutrients such as protein, vitamin A and vitamin D.
  • Cheese: Most cheeses are excellent sources of calcium, with parmesan containing the most. Cheese options that are low in sodium include cottage cheese, ricotta, fresh mozzarella, swiss and Monterey jack. Many types of cheese are also packed with protein.
  • Yoghurt: An excellent source of calcium, many types of yogurt are also rich in live probiotic bacteria, which have various benefits on digestive health.
  • Beans: Fuelled with protein, fibre and plenty of vitamins and minerals, in addition to being a solid source of calcium 

Magnesium food categories

  • Nuts: Apart from being rich in calcium, almonds, cashews and brazil nuts are particularly high in magnesium. Nuts are also anti-inflammatory and beneficial for heart health.
  • Seeds: Many seeds including flax, pumpkin and chia seeds contain high amounts of magnesium. They’re extremely high in fibre and contain antioxidants.  
  • Tofu: Apart from being high in protein, tofu is magnesium-rich. It is a low-calorie food choice that is highly packed with nutrients.
  • Leafy greens: An extremely healthy food choice that is loaded with magnesium, greens with a significant amount of magnesium include kale and spinach. 
  • Dark chocolate: Other than a treat that is very rich in magnesium, dark chocolate is loaded with beneficial antioxidants and is said to reduce heart disease. 

Above and beyond these foods, do take additional supplements such as calcium, folic acid, magnesium and vitamin C to help make the cervical mucus acidic, making it unfavourable for male sperm to thrive. 

In a quick summary, simply adjust your diet towards herbivore food choices if you want to conceive a baby girl. Avoid alkaline, salty and high potassium foods such as processed meats, bananas, oranges, cereals, potatoes and watermelon.

Maintaining a low-calorie diet favours girl

Studies also show that a low-calorie diet by women who regularly limit their food intake and skip breakfast may be interpreted by the body as poor environmental conditions. This encourages the growth of female embryos, boosting the chances of having a girl. 

Monitor your food intake and go on a low-calorie diet to increase your chances of a girl. It may be helpful to avoid overindulging on carbs near the time of conception.

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Strange and absurd these methods may sound, whether or not it’s myth or how reliable this research on foods to conceive a baby girl is, it is worth a try to up your chances of conceiving a baby girl naturally with meal planning. You may be any moment closer to buying fancy hair clips and beautiful dresses with laces and raffles. 

As much as you longingly desire for a specific gender, any mother who has gone through the journey of pregnancy and birth will testify that having a healthy baby is all that really matters. Gender is ultimately secondary. Chances are, the moment you hold your new baby for the first time, gender won’t matter in any way.