Enchanted Adventure Garden in Melbourne – An Awesome Family Adventure That will Make Your Kids Go Wild

by Peter Tao
11 months ago

Listen up all parents! If you are planning a holiday to Melbourne, there is one attraction for the whole family in one of the most liveable cities that you simply cannot miss. Not only will it revive every parents inner child but also provide tons of fun for their children too. Like a magical wonderland brought to life, the Enchanted Adventure Garden is an award winning natural attraction designed to entertain people of all ages with a host of exciting and interesting activities.

It took us about 1 hour 50 minutes to drive from south Melbourne city to the Enchanted Adventure Garden at Arthurs Seat. The ride was smooth and manageable with the help of GPS. Time passed quickly as my boys were munching their snacks while regaling us with their colourful accounts of previous holiday experience. We chatted and laughed throughout the journey, drove through the last stretch of winding road to top of the Arthurs Seat and arrived at our destination.

Family travels enchanted garden in Melbourne

After purchasing our tickets, we were thrilled about what the family-friendly park offers when we were given the map. From challenging hedge mazes, tree surfing, and artistic fun garden to the popular ziplines and tube slides, we were spoilt for choice with the myriad of fun-filled activities awaiting us.

enchanted adventure garden Melbourne map

Our first stop was the Hedge maze where the boys took the lead and navigated the mystifying maze with wonderment where every turn looked identical. I could feel their enthusiasm in finding the way out even though the landscaped looked alike at every corner. We soon realized we were returning to the same spot to our dismay. As usual, it was time for daddy and mummy to come to the rescue and fortunately, we found the exit eventually after some trial and error but the credits still went to the boys as expected.

enchanted garden in Melbourne2 young boys in enchanted garden Melbourne

Next stop was the Artistic Fun Garden where we discovered many Instagram-worthy spots to snap some beautiful pictures. The garden itself looked like a maze too, with various paths leading to different fascinating discoveries. As we meandered through the garden, my boys were pleasantly surprised to find a mini version of the famous Brighton bathing box! We waited no time to snap some photographs before other visitors swarmed in.

enchanted garden melbourne

At the next turn, we seemed to be transported to fairyland where the area was embellished with colourful, decorative displays; Giant artistic characters, smiling fairies, mushroom table, giant wooden animals sculptures and cute primitive huts. It was an enchanting experience for everyone, especially when the boys found a giant life size Snake and Ladder game on the floor.

family photo in enchanted garden Melbourne with decorations

family photo in enchanted garden Melbourne

family photo in enchanted garden Melbourne

enchanted garden Melbourne snakes and ladders game

family playing snakes and ladders game in enchanted garden Melbourne

We had lots of fun playing the game and the boys were determined to fight for the first spot and avoid the last place. But guess who was the winner?

Due to some reasons the ziplines and tree surfing were closed that day so we headed straight to the fast and furious tube slides. I can confidently assure you both kids and adults will have a whale of a time sliding down the various sculptured courses in their own tubes. Beaming with excitement after reading the instructions, the boys dragged their own tubes up the hill and were prepared for some thrills and spills. I could see their exhilarated faces and hear their euphoric screams as they slid down in style. It is a guaranteed family fun and the sheer thrill of tube sliding is irresistibly fun and enjoyable. My boys made good use of the chance to burn off their boundless energy by attempting the obstacles repeatedly (I lost count) and they just could not stop enjoying the adrenalin rush. Just dont forget the camera for some awesome photos and video taking.

enchanted garden melbourne scenery

tree surfing

float slide in enchanted garden melbourne

2 boys at float slide in enchanted garden melbourne

float sliding in enchanted garden melbournefather and son float sliding in enchanted garden melbourne

We ended the day taking a leisure stroll around the surrounding area and enjoy the enchanting landscape before visiting the café to fill our bellies. Overall, it was an amazing afternoon of fun and entertainment that every family member can enjoy together.

enchanted adventure garden melbourne scenery



 55 Purves Rd, Arthurs Seat VIC 3936, Australia

Opening Hours:

Weekdays: 10am  5.00pm

Weekends: 9am  5:30pm