Why “Me Time” is important for Mums

by Karen Chen
4 years ago

me time for mums

Mums, whether a working mum or stay-at-home mum, new or old mum, you round your own battle by juggling countless things to get in order. 

You often feel alone, with the many struggles in and out of the home. It’s a matter of time, that you feel exhausted, pressured and frustrated with the upkeeping of family matters. 

Me timefor mums is mandatory. It should come in as a routine, not only when you start to feel ball chains anchoring on those ankles. 

Why Mums need alone time

Agree or not, mums dictate the vibes and moods of the home. 

If mum is upset or angry, home just doesn’t feel home. And if mum is on cloud nine, home is vibrant and inviting. It’s valid to say that the kids and husband have their individual duty to make their heroine cheerful most days. But a matter of fact, kids being kids, do challenge the limits. 

Putting your needs at the top of the list is not a selfish thing to do. Don’t guilt-trip yourself. Self-care is not about saying “I’m more important than you.” It’s about saying, “I’m important too.”  You matter not only because you are a mum, but because you are you. Your physical, mental and spiritual well-being matters. 

Have no qualms about “why mums need alone time.” It is a happiness habit that you should cultivate.  ‘Me Timefor mums varies individually, it takes into consideration your personality, what nurtures you, your schedule and how much time you can set aside for yourself. For some, it’s 15 minutes daily, a few hours weekly or even monthly. You know yourself best.  

All mums are proclaimed busy people. For some, carving out time requires help from their spouse, parents, parents-in-law or a reliable babysitter. Arrange a scheduled time with your helpers, and go for some mental nourishment. 

If you are not one of the mums who wonder about why mums need alone time, consider then, the option of being out with like-minded friends for mumsy conversations and activities without any kid in tow. 

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Here’s a list of  suggested self-care tips for busy mums 

1. Catch up on reading in a café or the park, with your favourite coffee and cake.

2. Take a stroll in the park or around your neighbourhood.

3. Go to the cinema for a movie and popcorn.

4. Pick up a hobby. Devote some time to something you enjoy entirely.

5. Listen to something inspiring. There are different genres of audiobooks you can loan from the library, or even from the library app.

6. Draw and write a book of joy. Journal gratitude and joyful moments with positive quotes and profound thoughts. This collection of goodness will make you smile.

7. Reduce busyness. If you are spending too much time socialising because you’re feeling mostly obliged to, learn to say no.

8. Grocery shopping is a good way to be away from the kids. Take your time to stroll the supermarket aisle.

9. Do a sport if you haven’t been doing so. Go for a jog, swim or do some yoga. It’s rejuvenating.

10. Do nothing. You’ve been so busy chasing schedules and when there’s a breather, you just wish to do nothing. That is perfectly fine too.

These simple acts of self-care don’t require much time or money at all. Everybody needs a break from the demands of daily living.

Think of ‘Me Time’ as self-preservation. Giving yourself permission to slow down and relax will help you gain a fresh outlook and a renewed sense of perspective.

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