Fried Fish Beehoon Soup

by Lena Soh
4 years ago

Easy to Prepare Recipe Fried Fish Beehoon Soup

Preparation Time: 2.5 hours


  • 250g of sliced fish
  • 5 clove of garlic (chopped)
  • 1 bunch of Caixin
  • 1 cup of bean sprout
  • 1 ginger (sliced)
  • Corn flour
  • Shaoxing wine
  • 4 pcs of chicken bones
  • 1 cup of Ikan bilis
  • 1 cup soybean
  • Seasoning powder
  • Pinch of salt
  • Light Soy Sauce
  • 1 pkt of Laksa beehoon (for 2-3 servings)


Step-by-Step Cooking Method

  • Add 2 litres of water together with the soybean, chicken bones and Ikan bilis in a pot and boil for 2 hours
  • Marinate the sliced fish with 1 tbsp of shaoxing wine,1.5 tsp of cornflour, 2 tbsp of light soy sauce and sprinkle some pepper. Set aside for 15 minutes
  • Heat up the wok and add 1 cup of cooking oil. Use chopsticks to test the temperature. Once bubbles start forming around the chopstick, get ready to put in the sliced fish.
  • Coat the marinated sliced fish with plain flour and place them gently into the wok. Scoop up when the sliced fish turns golden brown.
  • After boiling the soup base for 2 hours, taste the soup and sprinkle some salt if you prefer it to be more flavourful
  • Scoop some soup in a small pot and continue to boil. Add 1-2 slice of ginger, caixin, bean sprouts and laksa beehoon (for 1 serving). Add 1 tsp of shaoxing wine to the soup and stir
  • Once cooked, it is now ready to be served
  • Repeat the process for each serving


Contributed by Lena Soh, mum of 2