5 Key Skills Your Child Would Need to Succeed in Life

by Wonder Years
4 years ago

People Impact

As parents, we strive to provide our children with the best, especially in their education—which explains why parental stress levels are increasing monumentally these days.

But in the process, we are often pressured by society to follow trends.

Just think, how often do we hear parents “dreaming” of getting their kids into the Gifted Education Programme (GEP) in Primary 4 or signing their kids up at branded/popular tuition centres just because many of their friends’ children are there and they don’t want to “lose out”?

While there’s nothing wrong with motivating our kids to achieve great academic success, it’s still important for parents to not lose sight of the “forest for the trees” by focusing too much on their children’s academic performance instead of looking to achieve holistic development.

After all, in order to navigate life successfully, your child needs a set of life skills to help them manage expectations, accomplish their ambitions, cope with stress and challenges, make the right decisions, and solve problems.

Here are the 5 key skills that your child would need to excel:


Feeling great about themselves not only builds your child’s foundation for a lifetime of mental and social happiness, it also motivates your child to learn as well as manage his or her emotions effectively. Children with a healthy sense of self-esteem tend to be more adept at tackling new challenges in life.


In today’s digital world, children can sometimes find it hard to focus. This lack of attention could hinder your child’s progress in learning, even if they have been gifted with a high IQ.

Managing Emotions

Children who know how to handle their emotions well are more likely to achieve more in school and in life. Even highly intelligent children are not spared from the turmoil of emotional meltdowns, and this can cloud their judgement and lower their ability to think straight.

People Impact

Critical Thinking

To become better problem solvers, children have to cultivate the art of critical thinking. It helps them evaluate different situations and exercise their own independent judgement when they are given the opportunity to explore their world on their own in the future.

Verbal Intelligence

Many parents understand the importance of building a strong language foundation in their children, but they tend to forget that it’s also a powerful tool that must be wielded with precision.

Children who can communicate well tend to outshine their peers as they can articulate their thoughts better and thus better able to win people over more easily. It’s also one of the multiple intelligences that make good leaders.

So why wait? Start planning a holistic development programme for your children today and they could be nurtured to become well-balanced, all-rounded leaders of tomorrow!

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