Your Pregnancy: Week 13

by Wonder Years
4 years ago

week 13 pregnant woman belly and chicken egg with smiley face

What’s going on?

This week marks the end of your first trimester, which means that your risk of miscarriage decreases compared to the first few weeks of pregnancy. With the start of your second trimester coming up next week, some of the early pregnancy symptoms that you have been going through such as morning sickness and fatigue will start to ease off

Baby at Week 13

Your baby now measures around 7.5cm long and weighs in at 25g – he/she is about the size of an egg. Despite his/her size, your baby is making great progress in the womb.

At Week 13, your baby’s skeleton starts to develop with the clavicle (collarbone) and femur (thigh bone) getting into position. At the same time, the stomach and bowel starts to take shape, as well as the vocal chords. However, since sound cannot travel through your uterus, you won’t be able to hear your baby’s voice or cries just yet – but we promise you, you won’t miss it once he/she makes his/her debut into the world.

Your baby’s lungs are also forming this week and they will start to take the first few gulps of breaths. At this point, your little one will be getting oxygen in the blood from the umbilical cord as he/she is surrounded by amniotic fluid. Your baby’s kidneys are also up and running, and any amniotic fluid that he/she swallows will be disposed of by peeing. 

While your baby is going through all these developments, the placenta is also constantly growing to keep up with your baby’s needs and will eventually weigh up to 1kg at birth. 

What is mum up to?

By Week 13, you are probably feeling better and more secure with your pregnancy as your chances of miscarriage goes down. By now, you might be ready to share the news of your pregnancy with your family and friends – although some of them might have already figured it out themselves by now.

On a brighter note, some early pregnancy symptoms might have eased off around this time as your placenta takes over the production of pregnancy hormones. As your baby’s growth starts to pick up, some of your regular clothes might start to feel a little tight. You might want to grab this chance to stock up on maternity clothes, since your energy level is at its peak as you enter the second trimester. 

Here’s another important fact to take note of this: although you still have some months to go before delivery day, your breasts may have already started the production of colostrum, the nutrient-rich “liquid gold” on which your baby survives on during the first few days after birth, until your actual milk production kicks in.

Top tips for Week 13

With the extra discharge produced down there and your growing bump in the way, some women may notice an increase in their sex drive. While this feeling is normal, do be prepared to make some tweaks when it comes to sex during pregnancy. For example, your husband may be keen with your breasts and tummy, but at this stage having contact on these delicate areas may be the last thing that you can handle. Also on some days, you may be feeling frisky while your husband feels otherwise. 

Whatever the mood and desires, do make the most of the moment by going with the flow and bear in mind that your feelings are set to change again nearer to delivery day.

Note: If you have a history of early labour or miscarriage, you may need to abstain from sex during pregnancy. Do consult your doctor for advice on this matter.