Tips for Nursing Mums: Where to Get Lactation Cookies in Singapore

by Estella Goh
4 years ago

lactation cookies singapore

Lactation cookies, also known as breastfeeding cookies, are cookies that contain galactagogues ingredients (i.e. ingredients that increase breast milk supply), such as oats, fenugreek, blessed thistle, and alfalfa, to name a few. Other than cookies, there are also lactation bakes in the form of brownies, muffins and other confectionaries that nursing mums can consume to keep their supply up.

Along with other lactation bakes, the popularity of these lactation cookies in Singapore is rising. Some mothers swear by them when their breast milk supply is still insufficient for their babies, despite efforts to boost them by nursing.  

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Where to buy lactation cookies in Singapore

For a new mum, it can be daunting to find out where to buy lactation cookies or which are trustworthy sources of lactation cookies in Singapore and other lactation bakes. 

Here is a list of some of the options available in Singapore, so that you know where to buy lactation cookies and bakes, including halal options for Muslim mums.

1. Singapore Lactation Bakes

Singapore Lactation Bakes is an NEA Licensed baker that uses premium quality organic ingredients. Products are baked fresh in Singapore every day. 

Popular: Lactation brownies, cookie cups, muffins, pancake mix, wellness tea as well as bake sets and gift sets. 

Other selections: Singapore Lactation Bakes also sells nursing wear and breast pumps.

Good to know: Provides an optional galactagogues herb menu for mothers who would like to include specific herbs in their lactation bakes. The minimum order for cookies is 600g.

Pricing: Starting from $46.20 for cookies (600g)


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Address: 5 Mandai Link Mandai Foodlink #08-07 Singapore 728654

2. Milking Cow

Milking Cow is one of the more popular providers of lactation products in Singapore, more famous for their overnight oats but also good with lactation cookies, including a 28-day confinement package.

Popular: Lactation Overnight Oats, Lactation Smoothie/Tea, Lactation Brownies, Avocado Muffins, Oatmeal Pack

Other selections:  Lactation Kit, Lactation confinement package Dairy-Free Bundle Kit

Good to know: Products are made in a kitchen that has no pork and no lard. However, some of their products contain brewer’s yeast which is not suitable to be consumed by Muslims due to religious beliefs. Muslim mummies may opt to remove brewers yeast from the products in the notes section.

Pricing: $32.90 for cookies, $5.00 to $380 for other products

Lead time: 3-5 working days


Social Pages: Facebook | Instagram

Address: 183 Jalan Pelikat, The Promenade @ Pelikat, B1-120, Singapore, 537643

3. M3 Milk Making Mummy – Halal Lactation Cookies

M3 Milk Making Mummy has been around since 2014. They specialise in lactation cookies with halal premium organic ingredients.

Popular:  Ajwa chocolate chip cookies, Cranberry cookies.

Other selections: Egg-free cookie, Sea salt & chia seed chocolate chip cookies.

Good to know:  Very responsive! Takes orders weekly. Self-collection and deliveries are available throughout the week. 

Pricing: $18-$25, additional toppings at $2 each. Delivery costs $10, or self collect in Yishun


Social Pages: Facebook 

Address: 349 Yishun Ave 11, Singapore 760349

4. Marian’s Lactation Boost

Marian’s Lactation Boost specialises in customised lactation products to help increase the quality and quantity of breast milk. They also provide 1-to-1 online assistance to help nursing mums with breastfeeding issues.

Popular:  Muffins and cookies

Other selections: Lactation Muffins, Lactation Boost Bars, Lactation Ice Cream, Lactation Overnight Oats, Lactation Tea

Good to know: They include 11 different boosting ingredients in their goodies to help nourish mother’s milk for a healthier little bub and also to strengthen health. 

Pricing: $26.90- $62

Lead time: 2 working days


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Address: 183 Jalan Pelikat #01-114, Singapore 537643 

5. Cher-a-bite

Popular:  Organic Chocolate Chip Lactation Cookies

Other Selections: Oat lactation cookies as well as fruit and nuts lactation cookies. Lactation Macaroons, bars and Mousse Cake are also available.

Good to know: Lactation trial box and monthly lactation box are also available. 

Pricing: $15 to $300

Lead time: Free delivery for purchase of SGD$50 and above. SGD$5 per delivery.


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6. Pregger Cookies

Popular: Chocolate Indulgence Lactation Cookies

Other selections: Earl Grey, Chocolate Chip Oatmeal, Gift hamper (Chocolate Chip Oatmeal)

Good to know: Collection around Coral Edge LRT, delivery is charged at a flat rate of $3. Free Shipping with orders of 3 boxes or more.

Pricing: $18 to $75


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7. Super Shaq Cookies

Super Shaq cookies started by accident when friends who ate the cookies realised that they produced more milk. 

Popular: Chocolate chip cookies

Other selections: Chocolate chip and date cookies

Good to know: Muslim baker. Baker will provide an ingredient list and you may request for some ingredients to be omitted if you have any known allergy.

Pricing: $7 to $29

Lead time: 2 days

Social Pages: Facebook | Instagram

Address: Pasir Ris Street 51, Singapore 

8. Lacta By Hardies

Lacta By Hardies provides 5 selections of cookies to choose from, including The Originals (Oats based), Double Chocolate, Oreo, Nutella and The Basics: Chocolate chips.

Popular: Chocolate Chip Cookies

Other selections: Lactation brownies, muffins and tart brownies

Good to know: Muslim baker. A Booster Medley Bag is available so first-time mummies/customers can try all series in a bag and it consists of 10 pieces of each type of cookie. 

Look out for their Monthly Specials, where a new goodie is introduced specifically for the month only.

Pricing: Ala-Carte starts from $14, Starter Pack Combo starts from $70

Lead time: 1 week


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Many of these bakes provide their customers with information on supplementing their milk supply with lactation cookies and other bakes and the convenience of purchasing online helps mothers who may prefer shopping from home as well. 

Now that you know where to buy lactation cookies in Singapore, we hope they will help you in your breastfeeding journey. Have fun selecting your favorite flavours!