10 Animal Farms in Singapore to Explore with Your Kids

by Lynn Lee
5 years ago

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Did you know that there are animal farms in Singapore where you can bring your kids to? 

Besides the more commonly known places like the zoo or the bird park which provide opportunities for the kids to interact with animals, there are also farms for kids to explore – and they boast of educational fun too. 

These farms may not be as big as the ones found in other countries, but they do provide a chance for the kids to get close to the animals and to know more about their origins, habitats and their behaviour. Family outings take a different form as you explore these farms together with your kids. 

Here are 10 animal farms ranging from a goat farm to a garden filled with bees to a fish farm. Have fun exploring!

Animal Farms in Singapore to Explore With Your Kids

1. Hay Dairies Goat Farm


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Hay Dairies Goat Farm is one of the few animal farms in Singapore where you could view the milking process and then proceed to view the goat farm vicinity at your own timing. You and your kids could pet and feed the goats at designated areas along the goat viewing trail. 

If you visit as a group, you can enjoy an educational farm tour and have their in-house farmer share with you the farm history and learn about the lovely goats and the whole goat milking process. 

Do have a taste of their nutritious goat milk when you visit Hay Dairies Goat Farm. 

Address: 3 Lim Chu Kang Lane 4 Singapore 718859

Opens: 9am to 4pm ( Monday, Wednesday to Sunday) 

Farm is closed every Tuesday

Contact: 6792 0931

Website: http://haydairies.sg/

2. Jurong Frog Farm


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Have a croaking good time with the bullfrogs when you visit the Jurong Frog Farm. 

You and your kids can take a leisurely walk around the farm and learn how the eggs, tadpoles, froglets and adult frogs differ from one another in their various life stages. There is opportunity for you and your kids to feed the amphibians and if you are brave enough, you can attempt to catch the slimy green creatures. 

There are also a few tours for you to choose from if you prefer something more structured. If you visit during the weekends, you can even consider trying some of their frog meat dishes from their farm fresh menu. 

This is certainly a fun-filled and educational farm for kids and adults alike. 

Address: 56 Lim Chu Kang Lane 6, Singapore 719164

Opens: 9am to 5.30pm Saturday, Sunday and public holidays 

Tuesday – Friday by appointment only

Contact: 6791 7229

Website: https://jurongfrogfarm.com.sg/

3. Qian Hu Fish Farm


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This is a fish farm that will get both the young and old excited. 

There is longkang fishing in which families can come together and have fun netting fishes at the ‘stream’. The kids can then bring the fish they have caught and care for them at home.  There is also a guided fish farm tour to learn in greater detail about some of the unique fishes that Qian Hu has, their origin and natural habitats. 

If you just need to have your tired feet rejuvenated from all the walking, you can consider the fish spa and treat your feet to a relaxing or perhaps, ticklish session. The Garra Rufa fish thrives on dead skin cells and will help exfoliate your tired feet. 

End the visit with a view of all the colourful and beautiful fishes that Qian Hu houses and be enthralled by them. 

Address: 71, Jalan Lekar, Sungei Tengah Singapore 698950

Opens: 9am to 6pm (Monday to Friday & Eve of holiday)

9am to 7pm (Sunday & public holiday)

Contact: 6766 7087

Website: http://www.qianhufish.com/

4. Nippon Koi Farm


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In Nippon Koi Farm, you will be amazed by the huge collection of beautiful Japanese and locally bred Kois. Besides breeding Kois, it also manages farming, rehabilitation, growth and grooming, as well as having quarantine and hospitality facilities for Kois and other fishes.  

Educate your kids on this ornamental fish and the culture that is related to this fish. If you are able to visit as a group, you could make a booking to sample the fish they have to offer and some innovative farm-fresh products.  You can even end the visit with a Brazilian Spinach ice-cream that is only available at Nippon Koi Farm!

Address: 51 Jalan Lekar Singapore 698946

Opens: 8am to 7pm daily

Contact: 6763 1882

Website: http://nipponkoifarm.com/

5. The Animal Resort


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The Animal Resort is perhaps the only last few animal farms in Singapore where you could have close interaction with the farm animals. It resembles a scene in the good old kampong days and kids can have fun chasing and being chased by the birds that wander freely in the premise. 

There is also Pin Number, the resident horse which is now a retired racehorse and you could get close to him and feed him. There are also fishes, rabbits and guinea pigs for the kids to pet and feed, making The Animal Resort a truly delightful farm for kids. 

Address: T81 Seletar West Farmway 5 Singapore 798061

Opens: 10am-6pm daily (except CNY Eve & CNY)

Contact: 6482 1160

Website: http://theanimalresort.com/home/

6. The Live Turtle & Tortoise Museum


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Although it doesn’t function as a farm, the Live Turtle and Tortoise Museum allows you to get up close and personal with these reptiles. There is a good collection of turtles, tortoises and terrapins in this museum such as the Mata-mata, Elongata Tortoise, Pancake Tortoise, Golden Terrapin and Six-Legged Tortoise.  

You can find yourself strolling among Soft Shells in the premise while enjoying a therapeutic moment feeding these creatures. The Live Turtle and Tortoise Museum provides opportunities for educating the children about the origins and special feature of the turtles and tortoises and there are even terrapin races every weekend.  

Address: ORTO 81 Lor Chencharu #01-16 Singapore 769198

Opens: 10am to 6pm daily

Website: https://www.turtle-tortoise.com/

7. Bee Amazed Garden


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Interested to learn how honey came about? Then you may want to pay a visit to the affable Uncle John at Bee Amazed Garden. He will guide you through his garden that is filled with enriching information on the various kinds of bees as well as their specific roles and you will be able to observe bees in action. 

Depending on the tour that you sign up for, Uncle John will share his journey as a beekeeper and kids could have a deeper understanding on how the bee colony works. At the end of the session, you will be treated to a short honey tasting session.  

Get ready to be amazed at Bee Amazed Garden!

Address: Kampung Kampus 91 Lorong Chencharu, Singapore 769201

Opens: By appointment

Contact: 9669 6370

Website: http://www.beeamazed.com.sg/

8. Oh’ Farms

animal farms in singapore

(Photo: Oh’ Farms Facebook)

Housed within this hydroponics farm is a butterfly lodge where you and your kids could observe and enjoy the butterflies in a landscaped garden environment. You will get to feel the caterpillar on your hand and if you are lucky, you may have a butterfly land on your hand! 

Through the visit, you and your kids get to understand the different stages of the life cycle of the butterfly and the importance of butterflies in our ecosystem. To complete the whole learning experience, you can even purchase a butterfly kit and witness for yourselves the transformation of a caterpillar into a beautiful butterfly. 

Address: 14A Bah Soon Pah Road Singapore 769970

Opens: 8am to 5pm (Monday – Saturday) 

Contact: 6753 8011

Website: https://www.ohfarms.com.sg/

9. Mainland Tropical Fish Farm


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A slightly smaller-scale fish farm in the east, Mainland Tropical Fish Farm exudes an old-school charm with its various outdoor fish ponds and big tanks that are filled with fish for viewing. 

Besides admiring the fish and learning about their origins, families can purchase food pellets to feed them or have fun scooping little fish from a small man-made stream built between the ponds. You can then bring the catch home and continue to take care of them. 

Address: 1 Pasir Ris Farmway 1 Singapore 51935

Opens: 8.30am to 7pm daily

Contact: 6287 3883

Website: http://www.mainlandfishfarm.com/

10. Gallop Stable


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Although Gallop Stable is not a farm but a horse-riding school, it provides kids with the opportunity to get close to these animals. Children can have the opportunity to feed the ponies at close range and even ride them for a short distance. Activities such as touring the stable and lessons on how to care for ponies are also available. 

If your kids are contented with watching horses trot or gallop, just grab a drink and stand near the fence to observe their movement. For information on the operating hours for pony riding and feeding, you can refer to the website. 


Gallop Stable @ Horsecity (Bukit Timah) 100 Turf Club Singapore 287992

Gallop Stable @ Pasir Ris 61 Pasir Ris Green Carpark Singapore 518225

Opens: 8am to 8pm daily

Contact: 6463 6012 (Bukit Timah) / 6583 9665 (Pasir Ris)

Website: https://www.gallopstable.com

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