16 Hilarious Comics That Brilliantly Capture Life With The Little Ones

by Susan Simon-Goh
2 years ago

1. Karma

2. Relearning the world

3. When silence is not golden

4. Raining babies

5. The second first day of school

6. Amazing how time flies

7. Life vs. reality

8. The odyssey

9. The perfect name

From Sketchy Muma: What it Means to be a Mother

10. My, how times have changed

11. You don’t say

12. Why did we buy these again?

13. From the mouths of babes

14. It’s all a matter of interpretation

Source: momspresso.com

15. We need to speak to HR

Source unknown

16. It’s all in the timing

And a bonus…

Kindly shared by George Takei