10 Best Gifts Under $25 for New Parents

by Susan Simon-Goh
3 weeks ago

Forget the vouchers and grab one of these for the new parent in your life. Best of all, you don’t even have to leave your home to get them!


1. Cute onesies 

$21.90 (excludes shipping), from Lazada.


2. The writing’s on the wall

$7.60 (excludes shipping), from Lazada.


3. For the Doraemon fans

$7.70 (excludes shipping), from Lazada.


4. Teepees for accidents

$15 (excludes shipping), from Uncommon Goods.


5. Treats in a can

$16.80 (excludes shipping), from Etsy.


6. A pacifier that doubles as a thermometer

$15.33 (excludes shipping), from iHerb


7. Telling it like it is

$12.15 (excludes shipping), from Etsy.


8. Not your typical teddy bear

$25 (excludes shipping), from Lillie & Luca.


10. Laughter’s the best medicine

$13.91/US$10.19 (excludes shipping), from Amazon.



If your friend/you just happened to be married in 2015:

$15.72 (excludes shipping), get it at Lazada.